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Within this AGENDA we will outline the restoration of the foundational Principles of the 
Congress, according to the  EABIC Constitution; including the establishment of the governing 
authority , and the rejuvenation of the Africa Mission, and defining the Black Christ Salvation 
according to The Most Right Hon. King Emmanuel Charles Edwards The Lord’s Servant. 



Love is the foundational principles of the Royal Black Sovereign Nation Wealth Kingdom Government of people at home and abroad universally. What make us Black people Royalty is the fact that we are the first Gods and Goddesses to walk the face of the Earth. We bring ourselves as a Royal Black Sovereign Nation and all nation of all people upon the face of the Earth.

  • We are to Love one another as one Father and Mother Children 

  • Fundamental Freedom, Redemption, and International Repatriation

  • Africa for the Africans at Home and Abroad universally




The Cabinet and the Parliament is the governing entity of this E.A.B.I.C. Church of Salvation. This was fully established by The Most Right Hon. King Emmanuel Charles Edwards our Worthy Founder, Leader, President, God and King of this Congress before his disembodiment.


We the working Original Cabinet and Parliament members will continue this work with or without the other named and unnamed Parliament members. However, unity is our goal to see all members at HQ and members outside the HQ working together in love and harmony for the betterment of all moving towards the fulfillment and of The 5th (Fifth) Kingdom of The Black Christ establish in Flesh—our Flesh, one and all. It must be done My Lord and Empress, Prince and Princess.

  • Additional members will be added to the Parliament as they proved themselves worthy according to the principles, aims and objectives of the Congress. 


  • Members will be added to the Parliament from different geographic locations where the Congress has a strong gathering within the African Continent and the Western Hemisphere, worldwide.


  • We would like to see the Youths within the Congress be a part but not limited to just being a part of the Parliament. 




Continuation for the establishment of EABIC in Africa starting with Ghana, then moving      

onward to other States within the African Continent.

  • As a fulfillment of the Africa mission Agenda directed by The Most Rt. Hon. King Emmanuel Charles Edward, The Lord Servant, we are first and foremost calling on all members of The EABIC to focus on the full establishment of the Congress in Ghana as the gateway to Africa.

  • Ghana must be up and running before moving to other States in Africa; In achieving this goal we look forward to assembling a competent and committed delegation to go to Ghana in early 2019, to identify and solve the problems in New Tafo and recommend a constructive solution that would develop and benefit the Congress as well as our brothers and sisters in Ghana/Africa.

  • Rejuvenation of the 35 ACRES of available farming and agricultural land at Dedeso.

  • To cultivate and to set up infrastructure on an industrial level, which will contribute to the self-reliance and economic freedom of our Congress in Ghana.

  • Acquire a place to accommodate members/workers while participating in the development of the E.A.B.I.C Foundation.

  • To implement and execute the items on this immediate agenda, requires extensive financial assistance along with all talented and skillful farmers, laborer’s, Carpenters, Masons etc.…, all manner of workmanship. It is left up to us as EABIC members to pool our resources together and show our full support, spiritually, physically and financially to fulfill the Kings command and set a solid foundation in Ghana.


All thanks and appreciation to all royal sons and daughters who contributed willingly and are still contributing towards the Kings mission in the interest of Freedom Redemption International Repatriation with Reparation.

Financial pledges could be made through each camp, Church or Office as well as from individual members.

We created a website (, as a focal point for ensuring that information on the work of the EABIC Church, Cabinet, Parliament or task force is made readily available.

  • If resources are available, we can work simultaneously in other States along with Ghana.       





Concerning any and all official documents pertaining to the national and International affairs of the Congress that is coming out of HQ Royal Committee—that also includes Parliament members and The Working Parliament that reside outside the confine of the

Congress HQ.

  • Set up protocol for dissemination of documents

  • Full disclosure of all official EABIC Documents to the governing authority and then on to Congress members.





These foundational reasonings that was set by our Father King Emmanuel Charles             

Edward, will ensure the proper counsel from the elders to the youths.

  • Cabinet/Parliament Reasoning ---------------- Every Sunday.

  • House/General Reasoning -------------------- Every Wednesday.

  • Priest Reasoning ---------------

  • Prophet Reasoning --------------------------

  • Ethiopia Woman Freedom Liberation League (E.W.F.L.L) Reasoning --------------------

  •  Others ---------------




According to the Right Hon. King Emmanuel Charles Edward, The Lord Servant; The Black Christ in Flesh, in His definition of Salvation; He defines Salvation as not only basically clapping and singing, but it also extends beyond the tabernacle in all fields of right within yourself, government, economic and social development. (Freedom Redemption International Repatriation).


Herein is the Agenda set forth by the Cabinet/Parliament of the E.A.B.I.C Church of

Salvation. God is Love, Let Us all Love.


                    From The Office of The Royal Cabinet and Parliament of the E.A.B.I.C. Church of Salvation    



                                                                                                  Office Of The Royal Cabinet and Parliament

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